About Us

Media Monitoring Services

Media Monitoring Services Provides Media Monitoring and Marketing Research Services for the Nigerian markets since 1995. It is a private firm owned by some seasoned Nigerian professionals from the media and marketing industry especially.

Our Operations

MMSNL operates a digital monitoring system which captures electronic media content and exposures automatically in real time using signatures. Out of Home Channels (OOH), though, monitored manually via physical visitations of sites, can be viewed on our websites (www.mediamonitoringoutdoor.com) using the Google map in the convenience of our clients's offices.

Our Coverage

We monitor 171 electronic media stations (terrestrial and satellite stations) in Nigeria, covering all the strategic markets.
We monitor all the National dailies and magazines within the Nigerian market.
MMSNL has already extended its operations to Ghana, and is intending to extend to Other countries such as Sierra Leone, Senegal, Cameroun, and Benin Republic in the nearest future.